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Talking Benches

Talking Benches

Benches are places to rest, to share stories with strangers, to watch stories unfold on the streets in front of you and to meet new people. We want to work with the Northfield community to design four new, interactive benches: places to stop, come together and tell stories. One of them might have a chalk board on the back where artists can leave their work. Another might have writing prompts embedded into the seat for creative writers to use. Or a puppet theatre built into the back. Or it could play music, have multi-sensory elements built in or its paint could change colour when it rains. It’s up to you. 

Talking Benches Graphic.jpg
Puppet Theatre Bench.jpeg

Get Involved

Get Involved

What we know:

  • We are going to put up four new, interactive benches in Northfield

  • There will be a creative writing bench; a drawing bench; a performance bench and a chatty bench

  • They will be designed by wonderful local artist, Henry Jones

  • We will run a free workshop at each bench once they are installed

What you've told us:

  • Where the benches will be

  • What the benches will look like

  • How you want to be able to interact with them

What will you see next:

  • All 4 benches installed by the 22nd of August

  • Workshops around the benches 27th of August​​

             Available to book from August 1st!

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