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Creative Empathy Training


Across the corporate world, HR teams and CEOs are beginning to see the value of empathy in the workplace. An empathetic team communicates more effectively, gets fewer customer service complaints and retains staff. For many, empathy is something that your employees either have or they don’t, yet the most successful organisations recognise that empathy is something that can be nurtured. At our small story-facilitating CIC in Birmingham, we have found that empathy is built on stories and, by empowering your team with this uniquely human skill, we can create an empathetic, happier and more productive workplace culture.



"The process of writing is a powerful way of getting people to become aware of what they feel as well as of what they think." - Gavin J. Fairbairn

Teams struggling with intergenerational conflict, communication issues, customer service complaints and mental wellbeing issues. 

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