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We are a Birmingham-founded Community Interest Company, established by two First Class creative writing graduates, with an initial ambition to create a local space to share stories.

We now use multi-disciplinary creative activities to empower communities to share compelling stories through workshops, performances, publications and events.

Professionalism, accessibility and authenticity remain at the heart of our organisation. 

Our Values

High Quality and

Community-led Outputs

To empower our community to create

high quality publications, performances and events. 

            Accessibility and Inclusivity

To never leave accessibility as an afterthought.

To proactively include diverse voices into planning processes.

To proactively invest in our team’s development.

Nurturing and Championing our Communities

To be thoughtful and authentic in supporting our participants to build skills and confidence.

To celebrate and platform their stories and be unafraid of engaging in difficult conversions.


To welcome new ideas

and voices and strive to say 'yes!'


To safeguard our team's excitement through always budgeting for smiles.

Making Spaces

To build inclusive creative spaces

both at the heart of our locality and around the world.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Tell us a story in black ink or charcoal. Tell us a story with your whole body or just your index finger. Tell us a story with puppets made from leaves or tin cans or your dad’s old socks. Tell us a story with juggling balls and wear the gold mask you made or paint your face blue. If you’re a dancer or a photographer or a nurse or a plumber, we’d love to share a cake and make stories with you.


We’re mostly playwrights who run creative arts workshops for everyone in Birmingham. As well as writing plays, we write poetry, make masks and puppets, and teach some circus skills as well. We established Windswept Workshops because we want to tap into the creativity that thrums at the heart of Brum’s community to make performing arts a part of everyone’s everyday lives.


Windswept Workshops!

Windswept Workshops!

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