Selly Library Statues

Selly Library Statues

The project

Local artists Gugan Gill and Henry Jones approached Windswept this summer with a proposal for an art project around the library. They want to create eight steel silhouette statues around the library steps to ‘populate’ the library, thus drawing attention to its significance as an ex-community space, and to its currently empty state. This project will not only maintain the momentum of Windswept’s grassroots campaign as the library petition slowly passes through various stages of the Council, but it will also create a free, fully-accessible arts installation at the centre of the community. It will also begin to nurture community pride in an area where it is currently lacking.


We are aiming to have some of the statues sponsored by local organisations, but due to community interest we have also decided to set up a crowdfunder.

If you are interested in sponsoring a statue, please click here.