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Selly Library Statues

Selly Library Statues

The Project

Back in September 2020, Windswept was approached by local artists Gugan Gill and Henry Jones, with an exciting proposition for an art installation relating to our library campaign. With the support and advice of the local community, we got to work with making their vision logistically feasible whilst the artists worked on their designs. 

Almost a year later, we have installed three silhouette statues outside the library: the figures of Emma Gibbins, Josiah Horton and our NHS Nurse. 

This project will not only maintain the momentum of our campaign, but it has also created a free, fully-accessible arts installation at the centre of the community.

Big Windswept thank yous to: our wonderful artists, Gugan's family for their help, Friends of Selly Oak Park, Selly Oak St Mary's Neighbourhood Forum, Community Partnership for Selly Oak, and the Selly Oak Community!


The Figures

Josiah Horton

Emma Gibbins

Josiah Horton was the first park keeper of Selly Oak Park. When he was appointed in 1899, he took up a coat, a cap and residence at the park keeper's lodge.

Emma Gibbins and family not only donated the land for Selly Oak Park, but Emma Gibbins also donated the land for Andrew Carnegie's Selly Oak Library.


This statue celebrates the staff who worked at the old Selly Oak Hospital, and the local people who work in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital today. These are the individuals who have kept our community thriving against the odds, and who we think history must not forget.

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