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Festival of Dreams

Festival of Dreams

The Festival of Dreams was a free community arts festival in Highbury Park, run in conjunction with the socially-distanced Chamberlain Highbury Trust Exhibition Day. We had our ‘Dreams’ display, with poetry from local poets and community participants and our ‘Dreamers’ display with a whole range of portraits and personal heritage stories. Further down the garden, you could hear the trees telling stories written by local storytellers. There was also the opportunity for everyone who attended to contribute their own work to our displays. It was wonderful to see people of all ages getting stuck into creating and chatting about the projects and we are very grateful to everyone who came for respecting social distancing guidelines. 

Your mind whispers stories to you at night. You might not remember them in the morning. Sometimes they hide behind your shopping lists and your calendars and your email drafts. But once you shut your eyes, the stories come out to dance with you.

Thank you to: Beatfreeks, The Chamberlain Highbury Trust, our wonderful team of volunteers. all of the contributing artists, Selly Oak and Northfield Arts Forums, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Stories, and Windswept's friends and families for their unwavering support.

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