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Emerging Freelancers

Emerging Freelancers

Windswept Workshops want to help young, aspiring freelancers and artists to navigate the world of freelancing. Freelancing is often seen as a alternative and risky vocational route, and the only advice given is to excel in your chosen field. However, there is so much more to freelancing than just being a brilliant artist, actor, or producer, and there are so many ways to shape your freelancing career. 

Our careers began during the start of a pandemic, so we offer a unique perspective on building a network, running events, and showcasing arts. We want to give you an honest and detailed insight into a first year the freelancing world and prepare you to begin a challenging but rewarding journey. 


Emerging Freelancers is comprised of three stand-alone workshops: Building a Network; Finances and Funding; and The Pros and Cons of Freelancing. Each workshop contains personal insights and anecdotes from early-career freelancers; interactive activities; and, most importantly, practical advice. You can attend just one workshop, or you can attend all three!

If you are part of an educational establishment or institution that might be interested in booking one or more of our Emerging Freelancers workshops, then please email us at

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