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Brum Rebuilt

Brum Rebuilt

Brum Rebuilt is an arts exhibition, centring on ten derelict buildings around the outskirts of Birmingham, one in each of the ten Arts Forum districts, and each one in different stages of regeneration. We want to showcase the historical significance of these buildings and advocate for their regeneration as community-owned spaces, at the same time as celebrating and funding the work of local emerging arts practitioners. 

The exhibition was first hosted in Goodman's Yard, Selly Oak on October 29th 2021 and saw photography from Owen de Visser, music from Poppy Watermans and writing and modelling activities from us! We were overwhelmed by the community response to these derelict assets and the creative work that emerged as a result. We are seeking funding to take this event to more spaces around the city. 


Thank you to the Blagrave Trust for the Challenge and Change funding that made this project happen, to our wonderful team of volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the day, and to everyone else in the community who came together to realise our vision. 

Official photos and updates can be found here.

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